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Welcome to Big Sting Scorpion Track Marine. Boat, Yacht, Outboard and Jet Ski Tracker, Tracking Device Specialists, protecting your asset.

Scorpion Track Marine is the leading UK manufactured GPS boat tracker and marine tracking device. Easily fitted to boats, outboards, jet skis, or other leisure or commercially operated marine craft to combat marine theft. The little product with a BIG sting!

The Scorpion Tracking System uses a state of the art GPS with Geo-Fence or geofence technology to monitor the exact position of your asset with pin point accuracy.

Our unique online dashboard, which can be accessed globally via a PC or our user friendly Smart phone app. Provides a visual display of your crafts location, allowing you to pass details to any policing or recovery authority.

If the following circumstances should occur an SMS text alert will be sent to your chosen mobile phone number.

What protection does it offer?

Unauthorised Continuous Movement Detection via in-built sensors.

Geo-Fence Perimeter Fence - Monitoring exact mooring location.

Failure of GPS Signal.

Craft Battery Alert (low power below cranking amps)  Cables Cut.

Internal 90 day Battery Back Up, Low Charge Battery Alert.

For comprehensive information on the features of our Marine, Boat Tracking Device please visit our product and technical pages.

Special features

Lightweight, small and Waterproof with IPX66 rating.

Easily hidden in your craft for optimum security,.

£40 million of theft related losses suffered by the UK boating industry annually.

19,854 water craft thefts between 2006 and 2008 reported by National Insurance Crime Bureau.

So what are the facts?

Marine crime ranges from theft of boats and equipment to vandalism.

At any one time would-be thieves have a choice of several hundred thousand unattended craft.

Vulnerable storage methods used such as, harbours, marinas, remote storage facilities, trailers and home drive locations.

Craft left unoccupied for long periods of time, frequently with expensive and readily saleable equipment on board.

Crime Trends?

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