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Back Up Battery - LOW

The device constantly monitors the condition of the internal back up battery. SMS alerts are sent if the condition of the battery falls below a preset level. This is a permanently enabled feature to eliminate failure of SMS alerts and positional updates and system protection.

Back Up Battery - 90 day protection

The internal back up battery once fully charged provides up to 90 days of protection. Automatically enabled following main power failure or can be installed where there is no external power supply for example pull start outboards.

User Control Panel

All the features of the device are controlled from the user friendly control panel which can be accessed from any internet connected PC, MAC or Smart Pad. You have complete access globally to monitor the exact location of your craft with pinpoint accuracy.


The system can be powered on and off via your control panel. If your craft is to be stored in a secure location where unauthorised movement or potential theft is unlikely to occur. This will disable the unit for future activation. (The back up battery may lose charge over time)

All the features of the device can be controlled from the user friendly control panel which can be accessed from any Smart Phone or Device. You have complete access globally to monitor the exact location of your craft with pinpoint accuracy.

Smart Phone App
SMS Alerts - System Monitoring GSM 24/7

The device automatically sends SMS text alerts to your chosen mobile number in the following conditions. Craft Battery Low, Battery Disconnect, Back Up Battery Low, Movement within Geo-Fence, Geo-Fence broken with ignition on/off and bilge pump activation.

Movement Detection

The system has a series of motion detection sensors which automatically trigger an SMS alert following continuous movement of six seconds. The sensors are set to not false alarm during ‘normal’ weather conditions. The feature can be deactivated in bad weather.

DIY Installation

If you have a general understanding of 12v electrics the system can be DIY installed. However, we recommend a professional installation to benefit from a full guarantee and total protection. Please visit our installation page for further information.

Water Proof IPX66

Our Scorpion Track ST62 Marine tracking device is the first if its kind to be developed to a waterproof IPX66 standard. Marinsised to withstand the harshest of marine environments. The device can be discretely installed in any marine craft or outboard.

Main Battery - LOW

Monitors the condition of your main craft battery, should this fall below cranking amps an SMS alerts is triggered. The system will divert to its own 90 day battery back up. Avoiding those dead battery situations.

Craft Battery Temper Alert

Provides permanent protection against main power disconnection. If the main craft battery is tempered with or the main engine power cables are cut the system will automatically send an SMS text alert to your chosen mobile number.

Transportation Mode

To avoid false movement alerts, this feature is used if the craft is being transported by any means and once selected will disable the movement SMS alerts. It will continue to notify by SMS for Craft Battery Disconnect and Craft Battery Low.

Key Guard

This will offer protection against key theft and will alert you if the craft is moved with ignition on. Using the Geo-Fence perimeter technology unauthorised movement can be monitored. Useful if you prefer to leave your keys hidden on the craft and still require full protection.

24/7 Protection

When in an armed state this system allows permanent 24 hour, 7 days a week protection. Control all the features from your PC or Phone. Monitor the location GPS and track the position and movement history of the craft at any time.

Bilge Pump Monitoring - Optional

This provides protection should your craft unexplainably take on an ingress of water. The low battery feature also provides early warning of potential pump failure due to low craft battery power. During prolonged rain the drain on the main battery can be significant. (separate relay)

Geo-Fence Perimeter Security Technology

Once set, the device monitors its location within a fixed radius. If the craft moves outside of this perimeter an SMS alert will be sent. The exact location of the craft can be monitored on demand via your PC or Smart Phone 24 hours a day. A bread crumb trail is available.

GPS Tracking and GPS Signal Protection

Tracking of your craft can be monitored from your user panel by ‘pinging’ its location. If for any reason the signal drops for over 3 minutes the system triggers an SMS alert, notifying you of unauthorised movement or potential theft.

The Scorpion Marine Tracker is a fully featured device offering a very comprehensive level of protection to protect your asset against theft.

The following provides an overview of the individual features, for further information please visit our FAQ page or you can view and download the user manual.

If you have any questions or require any further detailed product or technical information please contact us.

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Warranty - when professionally Fitted

The ST62 marine unit is provided with a standard12 month warranty from the date of purchase. As such, any issue caused by the product not performing to specification will be addressed quickly and efficiently by Scorpion Track.